DVD Profiler Release Notes

Version 3.9.0 , released March 12, 2015
For prior versions, see the version history.
New Features

Powered Up Plugins

Custom Plugin Data

  • Plugins can now save and load plugin-specific data
  • Data is automatically backed up and restored, and optionally uploaded to DVD Profiler Online
  • Data can be optionally shared between plugins
  • Plugins can also register custom filters so users can search the plugin data
  • Many more enhancements to the plugin API
  • Some very cool new plugins coming from your favorite authors!


New Release Tracker

  • Missed that new film in theaters? Make sure it ends up in your collection with Tracker
  • Tracker keeps track of your Wish List and watches out for new entries added to our online database
  • When a match is found, the Tracker icon flashes to let you know you have matches
  • Tracker provides detailed control over matches (right-click any entry to set options)

Alternate Versions

Online Database Support for Variants

  • Use the same UPC or Disc ID to keep track of different releases, or different films on the same side of the same disc
  • Purchased a collectable case? Match your purchase to the available entries, all sharing the same UPC

Performance Boost

  • We've re-engineered the database system with a focus on improving performance
  • Queries and filters are two to four times faster than version 3.8.
  • Many program functions received a speed boost, including program startup, exports, reports, and Movie Pick.

New and changed data fields

  • Added case types: Fr4me, Handle Case, Metal Case
  • Added 3.0 as options for DTS-HD Master Audio and PCM
  • Added "Developed By" to crew options
  • Increased character limit for Other Features from 150 to 250

And much more...

  • Powerful new search options for Title, Overview, etc.
  • Remote database connections can now add and delete profiles
  • Remote database connections can now scan and edit cover images
  • Added automatic currency conversion. Totals to a single selected currency type in charts and reports. Individual conversion can be done from the Personalize and Edit windows
  • Retailers can now be marked inactive or favorite (favorites show at the top of selection lists and will match by name first)
  • Profile Editor Enhancements
    • Hold CTRL while double-clicking a credit entry to find the cast/crew and edit it
    • Added Apply button, and new save options (Save and Edit Next, Edit Next Flagged, or Close)
    • For cast and crew listings, optionally also search within Credited As entries
    • Hold CTRL while deleting a crew episode divider to retain crew and move them out of the episode
    • Selecting only custom media type now enables audio and format fields in DVD Edit
  • Report Editor Enhancements
    • Images now sorted by name in the report editor
    • It's now possible to replace existing image files in report/skin editor simply by adding the replacement
    • PNG preview in report editor now shows image correctly with transparency
    • Right-click in report editor for popup menu now shows list of items under the mouse for easy selection in complex reports
    • Can now directly add to a panel rather than using cut/paste
  • Alternate wide views for all filters tabs (automatic, when size permits)
  • Right/left arrows now proceed to next/prev row when moving through thumbnails
  • Lots of improvements to the My Links editor, including lots more link icons and automatic category assignment for more sites (also remembers categories you assign when you add a site again)
  • Added right-click menu options in My Links editor to move links up/down within the section
  • Added right-click menu to My Links editor to open link in external browser
  • My Profiler username/password now stored per-database entry
  • The Movie Pick algorithm has been revamped for more creepily accurate suggestions
  • Improved support for accented characters in all searches
  • Landscape-oriented cover images can now be up to 700x500 pixels for contributions
  • Remote connections to a shared database can now add new entries, remove entries, and edit cover images
  • New filters for case type and disc location
  • New buttons for in Add DVD interface for viewing online links directly, and viewing contribution notes
  • Enhanced CreditInfo window to show "Credited in x profiles (y credits)"
  • Revamped Edit Studios window layout, added search field
  • Option to display title as Original Title (Title)
  • The filters panel now rearranges itself for better use of space in a wider panel
  • Redesigned retailer edit interface to match similar features
  • Retailer edit now offers to flag in-use entries when delete selected
  • Retailer edit now shows in-use count for each entry
  • Added support for drag/drop of BMP and PNG files over cover images. (Images are saved as JPEG)
  • Added Copy All/Paste All for all gallery contents
  • Youtube trailer links now show the video description
  • More robust handling of barcode scanners, including dash/space removal and automatic handling of leading 0
  • Added custom search option for headshots in the cast/crew info window
  • Revamped custom genre edit interface, including showing used counts
  • DVD Profiler will now shut down more reliably when Windows closes, or when running a database repair
  • Double-click notes in the main window to edit them (basic notes only)
  • Removed backup and restore from removable drive options
  • COO chart now pulls from all fields (optionally) and optionally can exclude a selected country
  • Option in feature view to show only active
  • Added support for Minimize to System Tray
  • Review score set and display for IMDB
  • When there are more than one IP addresses available, Tools->Options->Sharing now allows the user to select the IP used for sharing
  • Added right-click menu to show/hide the cast/crew display buttons
  • Added ability to hide "All" category via Tools->Edit Collection Categories
  • During database restore, added back button when comparing headshots (one step back)
  • Added option to compact tables when running a db repair
  • Added option to remove backup files when running a db repair
  • Right-click on images in main view, select Copy while holding CTRL will copy the file (for pasting into explorer) instead of the image
  • Added support for Bitcoin as a currency
  • COO chart now optionally shows from all three fields
  • COO chart now optionally excludes a specific country
  • New parameter for COO chart to show all, defaults to true
Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in version 3.9

  • Fixed: Thumbnail rebuild function not showing banners
  • Fixed: Add by UPC, no match, adds a corrupted entry
  • Recompiled included plugins with the old API to mitigate the error messages from 3.8
  • Fixed: Downloaded files (such as reports) going to the incorrect directory
  • Fixed: Identifies literally every title as hell on wheels, when adding by disc id
  • Fixed: Extended ASCII chars don't draw correctly in alternates list in change upc
  • Fixed: When clearing the SRP currency field with the keyboard, after leaving one gets an out-of-bounds-exception.
  • Fixed: Changing to a different variant then revisiting window in a non-us profile = error
  • Several additional functions for plugin developers
  • Fixed: Personalize window shows incorrect controls for gift info in certain cases
  • Fixed: Incorrect icon shown on trailers button hint popup
  • Improvements to program stability and database integrity
  • And many more...