Learn all about the benefits of registration for DVD Profiler Unlimited.

Why upgrade to DVD Profiler Unlimited?

We at Invelos want you to be able to use DVD Profiler indefinitely and use it to track your whole DVD collection, so we've made DVD Profiler available for free download, with no ads, no time limit, and no collection size limit.

After the first 50 DVDs, you can continue to use DVD Profiler indefinitely, but some features will become unavailable until an Unlimited key is entered.

Only $14.95
one-time fee,
perpetual license

Feature-by-feature details of Unlimited registration follow:
Features Unlimited Registration Unregistered
Unlimited collection size, no ads, no time limits, no nag screens
Upload and share your collection with the DVD Profiler Online feature Unavailable after 50 DVDs
Install plugins to extend and enhance DVD Profiler Unavailable after 50 DVDs
Extensive filters let you delve into the details of your collection Unavailable after 50 DVDs
Download, view and print reports Unavailable after 50 DVDs
Pick movies to watch with the interactive Movie Pick feature Unavailable after 50 DVDs
Thumbnail View and Details View let you browse your collection graphicaly Unavailable after 50 DVDs
Load and save various layouts, including HTML sections Unavailable after 50 DVDs
Browse your collection by cast and crew Unavailable after 50 DVDs
Export your collection to XML Unavailable after 50 DVDs
View and print charts and graphs Unavailable after 50 DVDs
Add DVDs to your wishlist graphically with the "Upcoming Releases" tab Unavailable after 50 DVDs
High resolution cover images Not available
Contribute changes to the online database (and vote on others' changes)
* Contribution and voting rights contingent upon adherence to contribution rules
Not available

Unlimited Registration is a one-time purchase and is good for all current and future versions of DVD Profiler.

Only $14.95
one-time fee