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Report/Print all child disks of box set or tv season
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantmnatio
Registered: August 7, 2010
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We moved our discs to sleeves to reduce the storage footprint. I've created Profiler database for all of it. Now we want 2 reports.

Report 1 will be a book so that we can look through and pick something. This is not an issue. Works fine.

Report 2 is an issue. This needs to be a "label" for the sleeves. If a Box Set or TV Season has multiple discs, I'd like each of them to be listed separately with a disc #. 

The "Include Box Set Entries" option doesn't seem to do anything in regard to listing the discs. It only seems to filter out some box sets / TV Seasons.

Now the maddening thing is when I tried to do this a few years ago, I couldn't get it to NOT print an entry for every disc. 

Am I missing something obvious? How can I get it to print an entry for each disc in one report but not the other?

Any help will be appreciated...
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