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Guidelines for using this forum (Locked)
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Invelos Software, Inc. RepresentativeKen Cole
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This forum serves as a place for asking questions about rules, or asking how to apply a particular rule in a specific contribution.  Feel free to ask any question you like about a contribution you've made or are planning to make.

When discussing a contribution that you did not submit, consider first what you wish to accomplish:

If you wish to state your reasons for voting 'No':
- Use the (expanded) contribution vote reason field

If you wish to ask the contributor a question:
- Use the PM function. If the user has blocked you, do not bring the question to the forums. Instead, vote based on what you know.

If you run into a user who you believe is copying third party data in violation of our rules:
- Use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page to report the user to Invelos evaluators for scrutiny.

If you have a general question on how to vote for a particular circumstance:
- Make a post in this forum, but please keep your post polite and to the point.

Please note: This forum is not the place to "call out" contributors, berate them, or to impugn their motives.  This is also not the place to restate your reasons for voting No on a particular contribution, nor to encourage others to do so.  When making a post here, please bear these rules in mind.
Invelos Software, Inc. Representative
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