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Creating ad hoc reports
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The report generator that comes with DVD Profiler is quite exceptional. It let's you create reports that are visually complex and quite nice to look at. But the versatility comes with a drawback. Designing reports is quite cumbersome, even for simple reports. If you want one-off simple text reports, ProfilerQuery offers two easier solutions.

1. Just run a query in ProfierQuery, right click in the result and select Print. You can sort the result any way you want before printing. As an example, I wanted a report of my Ray Harryhausen movies on Blu-ray, sorted by production year. I had one printed in 2 minutes.

2. Save the result as a .csv file and open it in the spreadsheet of your choice (or select Open result in spreadsheet which does just that and opens it in the default program for .csv files). This will give you all the possibilities of the spreadsheet, for example sums, averages, maximums etc. And then you can print it out.

Using ProfilerQuery means that you need to have an XML export of your collection. It's always good to have an up-to-date export. Using my QuickExport makes that a breeze. Or, you can schedule exports (and other things) in DvdpScheduler, but that requires that you leave your PC logged in, which may not always be suitable.

Of course, if you already have a Profiler report that suits your purpose, that's the easiest way. But for ad hoc reports, that's usually not the case. So knowing the alternatives is always a good thing.
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